Brianna Alamo

I completed an apprenticeship with a professional service dog trainer where I had the chance to practice hands-on Basic and Advanced Obedience, as well as specialty training for service dogs. I ran her company and trained her dogs independently while running my own pet sitting company. Now, I provide dog training along with boarding.
All dogs are different but no matter what we are balanced trainers. We practice the best methods of training for each individual dog with a lot of Yes! and a tad of No! We empower our dogs to make the right choices and, in return, they build confidence in themselves.
I continue my education through online webinars and practice my passion for training special tasks for working/service dogs
For years, I’ve worked with a variety of animals including, cats, dogs, and horses. I offer training for dogs only, though I have years of cat rehabilitation and re-homing, and offer sessions for families that need assistance with cat behaviors.


Jeannine Wilman

B.A. in Psychology and Sociology
Jeannine dreamed of someday being a dog trainer, she’s been raising puppies and dogs since she was 11 years old! Her favorite dog was Rocky, a terrier mix that she taught to ride on her bike with her. They had a connection, the kind where you could talk to your dog telepathically.
When she turned 24, she adopted Mimi our 2 year old Australian Kelpie/Cattle dog from the Humane Society. Mimi was shy, didn’t make eye contact and lacked in human connection. She was the perfect candidate to inspire Jeannine to pursue her dreams and study Animal Behavior.
After completing her bachelors, Jeannine’s profession grew in the field of Applied Behavioral Science. She gained insight of the functions of behavior and how conditioning is applied in behavioral modification training. Today she is currently on the path to receiving a Behavioral Adjustment Training Certification. Her expertise is with replacing unwanted behaviors and coaching owners to continue the long-term modification of their dogs behaviors. (she can even help you with your kids!)

Jayden Garcia

Human Society Summer Camp where he learned about shelter dogs and advocated for dogs available for adoption by making t-shirts and poster board.
Jayden socializes puppies to be comfortable and trusting of children.